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Weld Fillet Gauge with Case, 22 Gauge Size, Stainless Steel
ENERPAC Tension Meters, 100 lb - 10,000 lb
FIBRE-METAL Weld Fillet Gages Set 1/8 in - 1 in, Stainless Steel
Hi-Lo Welding Gauge, Inch/Metric, Stainless Steel
V-WAC Single Weld Gauge, Inch/Metric, Stainless Steel
Single Bar Marking Gauges, 1/6 in @ 1 in, Nickel Plated
Contour Gages, Inch/mm, Plastic
Angle-izer Gages, Parellels, 16ths/mm, Glass Filled Nylon
Contour Gages, Wire Contour, Inch/mm, Stainless Steel
2480 Field Indicator, -10 Gauss to +10 Gauss, Uncalibrated, Plastic
Series 154 Small Hole Gage Set, 0.125-0.5 in, 4 Pc.
Series 186 Radius Gage Set, 15 Pairs of Leaves, 1/32 to 1/4 by 64ths
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