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Soldering/Brazing Kits

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Multi-Application MAPP® Kit, 16 oz MAPP® Cylinder; TS4000T Torch Head
SureFire™ Self Igniting Torch Kit, Torch, Cylinder, MAPP
Self-Igniting Torch, With TS3500, Propane, 14 oz, Steel
Basic Pencil Flame Torch Kit, 14.1 oz Propane Cylinder, UL2317 Torch
Multi-Use Torch Kit, 14.1 oz Propane Cylinder, TS3500 Torch
Soldering and Brazing Kit, AR-B Regulator, WA-400 Handle, AH-12 Hose, S-4 Tip, B Tank Connection, Acetylene
Torch Kit Swirls, RL-P Regulator; CGA-510; H-4 Rear Valve Handle; H-12 Hose; T-6 Tip, MAPP; Propane
Torch Kit Swirl, Extreme® X-3B, Acetylene, Includes CGA 520 Regulator, Rear Valve Handle, Hose, 2-Tips, B Tank Connection
Torch Kit Swirls, Acetylene, X-4B, B Tank
Torch Kit Swirl, Acetylene, X-5B, B Tank
Torch Kit Swirls, Acetylene, X-6MC, MC Tank
Torch Kit Swirls, Acetylene, MSKA-1, B Tank
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